A Unique Tropical Vacation Destination - Borneo

Explore the Best of Borneo in Sabah, Malaysia
The Exotic and Emerging Tropical Vacation Capital of the New Millennium

Planning for a vacation with a difference?

Or..., Thinking of exploring a new and exciting Tropical Vacation destination?

Then, you might want to consider spending your next vacation in Sabah, Malaysia Borneo, a unique destination with few equals...

Borneo, the third largest island in the world, may still evokes images of primeval forest, rainforest jungles, rivers and head-hunters as depicted in the past.

But today's modern Borneo (in particular Sabah), has not only retained most of its greatest assets for a breathtaking tropical vacation that is unique to this region, it is also well equipped with international standard tourist and business facilities. There are first class spa hotels and beach resorts and fine golf facilities.

The only danger in Borneo is being 'eaten alive' by the most efficient predator in the world..., known as civilization.

Sabah, being located at the northeast corner of Borneo, is well positioned to offer a unique tropical vacation flavour with a difference. In fact..., a very big difference.

There is more to Sabah, Malaysia Borneo than sunny tropical weather, beautiful white sandy beaches, clear crystal waters and rich ocean life.

Unlike most tropical vacation destinations in the world, Sabah offers an array of activities from adventure and nature to wildlife on top of a world class tropical beach vacation.

What makes Sabah, Malaysia Borneo a unique tropical vacation spot...?

Given its unique geographical advantage where within 76,115 square kilometres (or 29,388 square miles, slightly smaller than South Carolina state), you can...

  • laze around in white prestine and unspoilt tropical beaches

  • conquer the highest peak in South East Asia

  • encounter wildlife in their natural habitat

  • admire the largest flower in the world

  • appreciate the culture of the colourful indigenous peoples

  • rough it out in controlled adventure vacation sites

  • brave the river rapids on a white water rafting adventure

  • be one with nature in the world of million years old rainforests

  • dive into some of the world's best underwater wonderlands

  • explore the underwater cave of the world's only mushroom-shaped world class dive spot

  • Travelling around Sabah is easy and cheap and the locals are helpful and friendly.

    Most of the tropical wonders of the world can be found right here in sunny Sabah. You don't have to travel far and wide to savour the best tropical attractions, saving you invaluable time and money to stay put in just one tropical vacation destination.

    You can actually experience Sun, Sea and Sand, Forest and Mountain in just under ONE hour - that is, if you utilize a helicopter service.

    But what's the rush? To get the most out of a memorable tropical vacation here, you will need at least a week. To experience the "Best of Borneo" in Sabah, a month stay may not be enough.

    You are likely to fall in love with the warmth and friendly charm of Sabah to depart early like some of her more famous admirers:

    Agnes Keith, the famous American writer of the early 1900s was mesmerized by Sabah's beauty that she lived in Sabah for many years and wrote several best-selling books including the famous "Land Below The Wind".

    Jacques Cousteau, oceans' greatest ambassador, fell in love with Sipadan Island, a world class dive destination in the East Coast of Sabah, and its surrounding area so much that he decided to let the Calypso's anchor lay there longer than it had on any other expedition to have a longer scuba diving vacation.

    Prof. David Bellamy, the world famous ecology professor, author, and documentary producer, called Sabah, the "Nature Hollywood" of the world. He added that Sabah is "living solar-powered theme park".

    Sir David Attenborough, acclaimed conservationist/film maker, declared that "Sabah has the greatest treasure of wildlife".

    Many have called Sabah a tropical paradise, an apt description in more ways than one as there are no shortage of good food to enjoy, tranquil places to ease the soul, things to see, activities to do and the mystical attractions and marvels to lift the human spirit.

    Some travellers said that "It is more than a vacation for most, it is a privilege to stay in Sabah".

    You will not only value your wonderful vacation, but your experience will also likely to help you foster a conservation ethic and instil greater environmental practices.

    For a unique, exotic and fascinating vacation, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo is an ideal choice for your dream tropical vacation.